Next to having a relative who is constantly trying to convert you, one the worst of places to have an evangelist try to push his religion on you would be at work.

Reason: You are captive. And they know it. It's a very tight situation where they know they can unbalance you, because you are in an environment where you are imposed decorum.

An evangelist, will try to skirt the laws in order to get his/her way by default, because they do not recognize such laws. In their minds, they have that unalienable right to push their faith.

This is of course, a type of workplace bullying.


There are ways to remedy to such things.

- DO NOT RETALIATE. Remember, an evangelist craves confrontation for the simple matter that it valorizes their beliefs. Resist the urge to "prove them wrong". The evangelist will merely see it as an "objection" and then go by the "script" they were trained with.

- RESIST the urge to start the office "rumor mill". This can turn against you rather quickly, and the evangelist, has the nasty habit of doing good "PR" with his superiors, this front works for them in order to keep up appearances.

- FIRMLY tell the person that his or her behavior is not acceptable and ask them to stop. You can ask a supervisor or union member to be with you when you approach the person.

- KEEP a factual journal or diary of daily events. Record:

- The date, time and what happened in as much detail as possible

- The names of witnesses.

- The outcome of the event.

Remember, it is not just the character of the incidents, but the number, frequency, and especially the pattern that can reveal the bullying or harassment. This is easily discerned with a religious fanatic, as their methods of evangelism are a form of cultural bullying.

-KEEP copies of any letters, memos, e-mails, faxes, religious tracts and other religious paraphenilia, received from the person. -REPORT the harassment to the person identified in your workplace policy, your supervisor, or a delegated manager. If your concerns are minimized, proceed to the next level of management.

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