Christian witnessing is persuasive talk used by a evangelist for a mark to buy into the evangelical world-view - This will take the shape of a testimonial of what the evangelical ideology has done for them on a personal level, information on the faith itself and the creation of an artificial need.

This artificial need, is the "Need for a saviour".

Prospecting : The psychology of a "fisher of men".

The search for potential converts is known by many names to the evangelist, although the most common one is of course, "sharing the good news". These come in three categories;

Cold prospects are marks that have little or no awareness of the evangelical ideology. They are reached through advertising (tracts and banners), open-air ministries, witnessing to strangers.

Warm prospects are individuals with whom they have previously spoken or met. It is usually a follow up to the cold prospect. These take the form of "friendship evangelism" and invites to the church. This also leads to the beginning of indoctrination.

Hot prospects are the ones they successfully moved through the first two stages of the evangelical sales cycle. If we rely on Margaret Singer's conditions for mind control, this would be at the stage that the mark is taken away from their normal social support group for a period of time and into an environment where the majority of people are already church members.

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