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Ray Comfort is a Christian minister and evangelist.Comfort started Living Waters Publications and The Way of the Master in Bellflower, California and has written a number of books teaching evangelical Christians propaganda techniques.

Personal lifeEdit

Ray Comfort was born December 5, 1949, in Christchurch, New Zealand to non-religious parents. He is ethnically Jewish from his mother.

Comfort left a bank job at the age of 20 to start a combined surf-shop and leatherware store. For ten years he made fringed cowboy-style leather jackets, making about 1,500 in total.

He married wife Sue at age 20, and converted to Christianity at 22[1]. They have three adult children.

Since 1989, Comfort has lived in Bellflower, CA.


There is no evidence that Comfort received formal education beyond high school level. Neither, by his own admission, does he have any theological training.


Ray Comfort adheres to evangelicalism. It's key characteristics being;

  • A belief in the need for personal conversion (or being "born again")
  • Some expression of the gospel in "effort"
  • A high regard for biblical authority
  • An emphasis on the death and resurrection of Jesus.

This is confirmed by the Statement of Faith on their website.

Past ChurchesEdit

Comfort began his career in his former hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand, where he was an itinerant preacher, often speaking in the central Cathedral Square along with other open-air evangelists[2].

In 1989, he was invited by the Hosanna Chapel (now the Hosanna Fellowship) of the Calvery Chapel fellowship, Bellflower, California to begin a full time ministry in the US as 'Pastor of Evangelism'[3].

Living Waters PublicationsEdit

Living Waters Publications is an online store supporting Comfort's Way of the Master cross-media evangelism ministry.

Interviews and debatesEdit

Rational Response SquadEdit

On May 5, 2007, Comfort and Cameron participated in a televised debate with atheists Brian Sapient and his colleague, Kelly O'Connor, of the Rational Response Squad, at Calvary Baptist Church in Manhattan. At issue was the existence of God, which Comfort stated he could prove scientifically, using at least one argument without relying on faith or the Bible. Nightline correspondent Martin Bashir served as moderator at the event.Highlights included Cameron and Comfort repeatedly referencing the Ten Commandments and denouncing the theory of evolution; conversely, the RRS provided counterarguments in favor of atheism.


In August 2009, Ray Comfort met up with youtube user Thunderf00t, who is well known for his video series "Why do people laugh at creationists". While this wasn't a debate in the formal sense, Ray Comfort sought to market it as such latter on with a dvd of the discussion which he sold on his website.

Of course, on his side, Thunderf00t had released his own copy of the discussion on his youtube account, which explains for the poor sales.

Also note-worthy, while Thunderf00t's version has 90 minutes, Ray Comfort's DVD is only 80 minutes.

Dawkins offerEdit

In February 2009, Comfort challenged biological theorist and author Richard Dawkins, who argued against the existence of God in his 2006 book, The God Delusion, to a debate. Ray didn't contact Dawkins directly instead using an intermediary at WorldNetDaily initially offered $10,000 to him. Dawkins, who has a general policy not to debate with creationists, turned down the $10,000 for Dawkins to go "into a studio and gives me 20 minutes on why there is no God and why evolution is scientific" and instead asked for a $100,000 Charitable Donation to the Richard Dawkins Found for Science & Reason. When the offer came back Ray had increased it to $20,000. Richard Dawkins turned that down saying "I am not in this for the money. My interest is in getting the Banana Man to PART with $100,000 of his money so that that money will NOT be available for buying animatronic dinosaurs with saddles, or other similar nonsense. The fact that he would be making a substantial donation to a charity dedicated to Reason and Science adds to the humour of the situation." At which point Ray apparently pulled out of negotiations.

Richard Dawkins posted the correspondence online [[4]]

Comfort has stated that "Dawkins is afraid, and he thinks he’s safe because I won’t pay that much money for an hour of his time".



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