This section is dedicated to giving the average user some basic tips on just to avoid conversations with the evangelist or to prevent a preacher from entering into a conversation with someone who is not sensitized to their tactics. This also aids you in keeping you safe from evangelists, while not all of them are prone to violence, some do get agitated.


This is a way to make it so that evangelists have a hard time locking on you. To make it so "that they don't know what they are shooting at". This is not too difficult, since evangelist are led to believe by their pastors and through group-think that non-believers "act and look a certain way".

This stereotyping, can turn in your advantage as when you hit them with an unknown, they are at loss as what to do.

For you see, as it was explained in other sections, an evangelist needs to have some background on you, in order to latch on and begin his sales pitch. In the evangelistic framework, they feel they got this divine right to know every detail of your private life. By removing my face and voice, I was effectively becoming like wet teflon. The evangelist cannot "stick" to the surface, and therefore there is a primal reaction that causes them to taunt and in some cases lose emotional control over the fact that I denied them what they believe to be rightfully theirs!

Frustrating their attempts at elicitation, is a must, and they will try several times until they get that information. However each time, they will feel aggravated, as they do not understand that they are not owed your private life.

The same should be made with the voice. Short, neutral answers should only be given to their inquiry, and careful attention to the tone you use in responding should be measured. You should not give them anything that would give them any hold over you. Eventually, they will leave you be, as in their own minds They "are not to be whalers but fishers of men" which translates to that they will move on to some other sucker, since they can't convince you!

Linguistic barrier

If you are with someone, if you are able, switch to another language. If they persist, only answer them in said language. Eventually they will either embarrass themselves or move on.

If you cannot speak another language, stick to a format of English in which they cannot pull you into the framework.

When using this among friends, you will deprive an evangelist of an opportunity from communicating further, effectively ruling them out.