Gathering intelligence on preachers and evangelists is a "must have" in order to be successful. While they thrive on the ignorance of others, you should have all the facts at the ready. When dealing with evangelists you should try to find out these facts;

- Who they are.

- Where they are from.

- Which church sponsors them locally?

- Did they have brush ups with either the law or activist?

This information is useful, as it can be given to the right people or passed down the proper channels (Like campus police). It can be shared with local activist groups, who would love to keep track of their activities or stage counter-protests.

But how to find out more, surprisingly, it's rather simple. Many preachers have their own website and are open about who they are. From there you can use the Internet to gather for information.

One of the best ways to know what is going on in evangelist territory, is to sneak in their Internet mailing lists or snail-mail list. These often reveal any of their upcoming events. An outreach can even be stopped in it's tracks in some cases if you remove them the element of surprise.

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