In this section, we will explore many strategies to deflect and neutralize any attempts by evangelists at pushing their propaganda.

Since when dealing with the modern form of evangelism, which is highly confrontational, using an indirect method of countering is preferred. "Confrontational Evangelism" is based on direct conflict, and therefore, you do not want to "feed the beast". And so, by using a strategy that uses no direct contact, you will be able to stop the advance of evangelism in your community and on a personal level.

In fact it is crucial that you develop that skill to deal with them indirectly. They say that "the Christian anvil wore out many hammers". This is unfortunately true as history indicates. Direct action against them only valorizes their beliefs and galvanizes them by the creation of martyrs.

Therefore, one shouldn't take the characteristics of a hammer, but the characteristics of a lever. As "heavy" as the weight of the Christian anvil is, it cannot counter a lever. A hammer, requires force. Force can be costly in resources and manpower.

A lever, require only two things: A pivot and a rod. To the one wishing to counter an evangelist, that pivot is logic, and the rod is reason. A lever, doesn't require strength. It only requires you only some thinking, doesn't cost much in resources and only requires minimal effort.

And so, let us look at what can be used as leverage.